Vizpark Real Trees para Rhino

REAL TREES es una nueva biblioteca de modelos de árbol muy realista para la visualización arquitectónica.

Versión para Rhino.

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REAL TREES is a new highly realistic tree model library for architectural visualization. The library includes 15 different tree species, each with several model variations to ensure realistic looks. The models are prepared as 3ds Max scenes and Forest Pack Pro presets.

Included Trees: Real Trees includes 60 models in 15 species of trees.

  • Red Maple: Acer Rubrum
  • Horse Chestnut: Aesculus Hippocastanum
  • Canadian Berry: Amelanchier Canadensis
  • European Ash: Fraxinus Excelsior
  • European Hornbeam: Carpinus
  • Magnolia: Magnolia Soulangeana
  • Apple Tree: Malus Domestica
  • Norway Spruce: Picea Abies
  • Mountain Pine: Pinus Mugo
  • Stone Pine: Pinus Pinea
  • Scots Pine: Pinus Sylvestris
  • White Oak: Quercus Aliena
  • English Oak: Quercus Robur
  • Cherry Blossom: Sakura Umbrella
  • Weeping Willow: Salix Babylonica

Included ground textures: Seemless tileable ground textures (2k) with diffuse, bump, displacement and reflection layers.

Main Features: content, formats and technical requeriments:

  • 60 highly detailed 3D models of trees
  • 15 tree species with each 4 variations
  • 6 prepared forests for use with Forest Pack Pro
  • Seemless 2k ground textures of earth, sand, stones, bark
  • GrowFX presets for further variation and wind animation (GrowFX version only)
  • All single trees and forests as Forest Pack Pro library presets for the library browser
Más Información
Código Producto RHINO-T1
EAN 8435371401545
es_estudiante No
Fabricante Vizpark

Renderer: V-Ray, mental ray, Scanline, Advanced Render, Corona Renderer, Octane Render, Maxwell Render, FStorm Render

3D Format: 3Ds Max, OBJ, FBX, GrowFX, MODO, CINEMA 4D, LightWave, ALL Formats, Rhino, Forest Pack Pro

Downloads: Compressed archives (.zip / size between 700 MB and 2.2 GB, one file pre format and renderer)


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