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3D Printer Felix Pro 2

3D Printer Felix Pro 2, the professional quality. Easy to use.

Tiempo de entrega aprox. 3 a 4 semanas.

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  • 3D Printer Felix Pro 2
  • 3D Printer Felix Pro 2
  • 3D Printer Felix Pro 2
  • 3D Printer Felix Pro 2
Ref. Fabricante 101.012.1

3D Printer Felix Pro 2, next generation auto calibration. Save time, increased reliability.

Enjoy the next level of usability in desktop 3D printing. The first layer of 3D printing is of extreme importance. The auto calibration feature creates the optimal starting conditions of your print, without user intervention.

Filament detection. Never a failed print: Reliability does not only come from a great printer, but also the filament quality is an important factor. In case things go wrong with the filament, the filament detection feature comes to the rescue. Saving you time and money.

32 bit processing power. Silent operation. Noise levels are kept at a minimum. At a noise level of just 34 dBA you can enjoy working without interruptions. Our new state of the art motion controller makes the FELIX Pro 2 the most silent desktop 3D printer in it's class.

Iconic Design. Designed for professional performance. The FELIX Pro Series design is inspiring. With the modular DNA and proven technology of our award winning FELIX 3 Series the machine is reliable and upgradable. Only the best possible components and materials are used to ensure optimal performance.

Advanced dual head system. Create the most complex objects. Continue where single head printing stops and enjoy maximum design freedom with our innovative dual head system. Start printing multi-material prints or with soluble support material.

Easy to use. Every beginner prints like a Pro. The innovations in the FELIX Pro 2, were made to make 3D printing as easy as possible. Unique features like a Quick Release heated bed and a Quick Release hot-end make it a joy to use your 3D printer. Furthermore you can print via USB, standalone with microSD card (included) or via WIFI (optional).

Powerful 3D print software at your fingertips. Software. The FELIX Pro Series and Simplify3D® Software – a powerful and recommended combination for a fast start-up and optimal 3D print quality. Another option is the FELIXbuilder 1 year license (created by Materialise). FELIXbuilder software powers your 3D printer. Whatever option you choose, each software works seamlessly with all our FELIXprinters for mac OS and MS Windows

Modelo 3D Printer Felix Pro 2
Uso impresión 3D
Material de trabajo 1.75mm filaments.
Grueso de la capa (mm) from 50 up to 350 um
Cabezales 2
Velocidad de impresión extrusion speed : 18 mm3/s // Motion speed: 450mm/s
Tecnología de impresión Fused Filament Fabrication
Tipo de tinta Open filament system, use filament from any supplier. Recommended: PLA, PETG, ABS,PVA // Specials: Any filament which melts under 275 °C
Inyectores Nozzle temperatures: Up to 275 °C
sistema operativo Windows 7 and upwards Mac OS X, Linux (repetier-host)
Software incluido Simplify3D or FELIXbuilder
Nivel de ruido 34 dBA
Garantía 1 Year Warranty
Dimensiones 430x390x550 mm // Folded: 430x145x480 mm

The FELIX Pro 2 calibrates:

  • Bed to Nozzle distance. To ensure reliable printing, it is important that this distance is equal over the whole build surface. This is done in a mechanical way by physically adjusting (tilting) the bed.
  • Optimal bed to nozzle distance for first layer. The first 3D printed layer is the foundation of your print object, it is crucial to get this layer right. When the distance is too close, the filament cannot exit the nozzle and could get blocked. When too far away the extruded filament will not adhere to the print surface and causes your print to fail.
  • The height difference between the two hot-ends. For a dual head system, it is important that both nozzles extrude filament at the same height, otherwise this could cause problems when printing.

Next Generation automatic bed leveling. To enable automatic calibration, we engineered an innovative mechanical bed leveling feature and probing mechanism which physically touches the bed. To level the bed the printer will probe the bed at 4 positions to determine the slope angle of the bed. After this it will turn two cogs underneath the heated bed to put the bed in the correct slope angle.

Why mechanical auto leveling? The easiest comparison would be a camera with hardware or software stabilization of the lens. Software stabilization is the low cost solution, hardware stabilization gives a better end result but is in general a bit more complex.

Our automatic calibration system saves time:

  • When you are a beginning 3D printer user. It makes it able to start printing with the shortest learning curve possible. Also it sets you up for a success full print automatically, without the need to fiddle with your machine to get it right.
  • When you need to swap heated beds often. When it is required to swap heated beds often it saves you the time to recalibrate your machine. Swapping beds often is beneficial for small series production setting or when you use different beds for different print materials.
  • After swapping hot-ends. After exchanging a hot-end it is required to recalibrate your machine, because the new hot-end will most likely be different in dimensions. Even though the difference can be very small, it is still required to calibrate.
  • To ensure reliability of first layer printing. To get optimal bed adhesion of the first printed layer, it is essential that the bed is clean from debris, leveled and also the distance between the hot-end tip and the bed is equal over the whole surface.


A true innovation in bed probing systems for 3D printing. To properly perform the leveling feature, a reliable and accurate probing system is necessary. The probe mechanism measures directly at the hot-end tip. Measuring this way has several benefits compared to other probe systems.

  • Save time, by not needing to externally calibrate the probe mechanism with respect to the hot-ends.
  • Eliminates to manually compensate for production tolerances in hot-end lengths. This is useful when often swapping out hot-ends.

Silent Operation at just 34 dBA: At only 34 dBA during printing, the Pro 2 is the ideal companion in the office environment, classroom or living room. An eyecatcher which does the job at whisper quiet noise levels, allowing you to work without distractions. It is the most silent desktop 3D printer available today.

How did we do achieve this?

Based on the Arduino DUE platform a new control board was designed. It boasts a 32bit ARM processor at high clock speeds. This makes it able to use stepper drivers which can do 128th micro stepping allowing extremely low noise operation of the stepper motors.

The control board operates at 24V, which improves the efficiency of the heaters and steppers compared to previous generations which work at 12V.

Filament flow detection - No failed prints. The filament flow detection monitors if the expected flow of filament enters the hot-end. If this is not the case the print job will be paused, so the user can correct the error and continue printing. You can imagine when you print km’s of filament, a small glitch can happen. This however, could ruin your precious print-job. The filament flow detection prevents this type of failure. We have saved already large amounts of filament and hours of precious time with this feature.

Direct drive extruder – optimal control. The Pro 2 features direct drive extrusion for 1.75mm filaments. By extruding very close to the hot-end opening, you have the best possible control and makes it able to print flexible materials. Normally flexible filament are very prone to buckling when you push it through a hot-end.


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